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Hãng sản xuất: Florrea

Florrea’s highly effective Cu depressants are used in the seperation of Cu-Mo,and can partially or fully replace NaS and NaSH. They can imporve the Mo concentrate grade and decrease the Cu content in Mo concentrate.
Florrea’s dispersant and talc depressant can help reduce the influence of gangue and talc minerals on flotation and improve the grade of concentrate.



  • Improve grade of concentrate
  • Reduce dosage of lime, or no
  • Reject penalty elements in
Flotation Depressant
Type Trade Name Application
Organic depressants Florrea D100 series Florrea D100 New environmently friendly depressants for copper sulfides ores which can repalce NaSH ( sodium hydrosulfides ) and sodium thioglycolate and Nokes reagents
Florrea D101 Depressant for copper sulfies ores flotation
Florrea D102
Florrea D106 Used in the depression of magnesium silicates such as talc and pyroxene.
Florrea D107 Especially useful in the flotation of PGM and Ni ores
Florrea D108 depressant
Florrea D109 Used alone, or in combination with cyanide, for depression of Zn minerals in the flotation of Pb/Zn, Cu/Zn, and Cu/Pb/Zn ores; depression on talc in by-product molybdenum circuit
Florrea D110 Depression of iron sulfide minerals such as pyrite, pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite. Depression of Zn minerals during Pb flotation from Pb/Zn ores
Florrea D111 Depression of iron sulfide minerals such as pyrite, pyrrhotite and arsenopyrite. Depression of Zn minerals during Pb flotation from Pb/Zn ores Depressant for Cu and Fe sulfide in Cu/Mo separation.Strong copper and iron sulfidedepressants in the pH range 6.5–8.5. They are preferably used in separating copper from copper–lead concentrates when secondary copper minerals are present and for depression of iron sulfides during nickel– cobalt separation
Florrea D112 used as a flotation depressant to depress Sphalerite and pyrite in the
Florrea D113 flotation of Pb/Zn, Cu/Zn, and Cu/Pb/Zn ores.
Florrea D114 can be used in conjunction with either lime or Na2S for depression of pyrite during flotation of copper-zinc ores. It does not depress Chalcopyrite .On the contrary, it can activate Chalcopyrite.It can be used at lower acid circuit. As for those Sphalerite(zinc minerals) which is strongly activated by copper ion, it is recommended to use sodium sulphite in combination with zinc sulphate, sodium sulphide or sodium cyanide to enforce the depressing performance.
Florrea D115 depressant
Florrea D116
Florrea D117 Used for the depression of Cu and Fe sulfide & Hydrosulfide minerals in Cu/Mo separation.
Florrea D118
Florrea D119 widely used in mineral flotation as depressant, dispersant and as controlling agent of some soluble ions
Florrea D120 depressant for gaunge ,used with Florrea depressant D100 can increase concentrate grade .
Florrea D121 Used for the depression of Pb minerals during Cu/Pb separation.
Florrea D122
Florrea D123 Used for the depression of Cu and Fe sulfide minerals in Cu/Mo separation
Florrea D124
Florrea D125 Used as a depressant for pyrrhotite and arsenides in Cu/Ni mineral flotation
Florrea D126 useful in the separation of pyrite from arsenopyrite
Florrea D127 depressant and co-depressant for(a) sphalerite together with cyanide (b) fine molybdenite with cyanide
Florrea D128 depressant for barite in barite–celestite separation. Depressant during niobium–zirconium separation. Ferric and ferrous compounds are not selective depressants and in many cases are detrimental for flotation of oxidic and industrial minerals as in the case of anionic flotation, fatty acid,iron complexes or oleate iron complexes
Florrea D129 primarily used in non-metallic flotation and in by-product molybdenum circuits. In molybdenum circuits, alum is used for depression of talc at pH 7. Also it can be used for talc depression during the treatment of talcous nickel ores together with carboxyl methyl cellulose. Aluminum salts have a depressing effect oncalcite, dolomite and barite. It is used as co-depressant during fluoride flotation from the ores containing barite
Florrea D130 Similar to aluminum sulfate, aluminum chloride is used as a co-depressant for calcite, fluorite and dolomite
Florrea D131 depressant for sphalerite during flotation of complex copper–lead–zinc ore
Florrea D132 depressant
Florrea D133 depressant used exclusively during beneficiation of non-sulfide minerals, as well as the rare-earth minerals as a depressant alone or in combination with other depressants. It is used together with starch as co-depressant for rutile and ilmenite during zirconium– titanium separation or during reverse silicate flotation from rutile and ilmenite with cationic collectors
Florrea D134 rdepessant for silicates,specifically topaz, tourmaline and some aluminosilicates.used in the separation of rutile from zircon, pyrochlore from zircon, cassiterite and tantalite and during flotation of cassiterite for depression of topaz, tourmaline and aegirine
Florrea D135
Florrea D136 effective depressant for bornite and covellite
Florrea D147 depressant for calcium carbonaceous
Florrea D160 Carbon Depressants
Florrea D161
Florrea D163 oxalic acid depressant for silicate
Florrea D165 depressant for copper and pyrite
Florrea D167
Florrea D168A depressant for pyrite
Florrea D168B
Florrea D170 depressant for SiO2
Florrea D171 depressant for pyrite
Florrea D180 Depressants for Zinc Minerals, Pyrite , Arsenic , Copper sulfide mineral. Good Replacement for Cyanide depressants.
Florrea D181A Depressants for MgO
Florrea D181B
Florrea D185 Depressants for carbon and graphite
Florrea D188A
Florrea D188B
Florrea D189A
Florrea D189B